Quick Info About KBPL

Dear Friends/Innovators/Entrepreneurs/Startups:

Konaseema Biosol Private Limited (KBPL) is one of the fast growing startup companies having clear Vision and Mission to safeguard all classes of people of Nation especially Konaseema for quality food, water and storage capacities of the same for future with concepts of Biotechnology/ Agriculture/ AgriTech/ Food processing through advanced leading technologies i.e., Artificial Intelligence/ Data science and other smart technologies using innovative/ creative ideas of entrepreneurs/ startups etc. We are in the ideation stage of developing new smart technologies for organic based vegetables cultivation, novel food processing technologies, large scale production of potable water to rural area of East Godavari District. Later we will extend the same to respective areas and other districts as per the need:

  • Development of new smart technologies for organic based vegetables cultivation.
  • Novel food processing technologies for value added products.
  • Large scale production of potable water using Nanotechnology filters.

In order to improve better technologies, we are inviting ideas/innovative or Creative solutions for society problems, apart from the above, to solve contemporary needs of the Society from Engineering/ Science & Technology/ Medical/ Pharmaceutical/Arts and other Interdisciplinary subject graduates, post Graduates and all doctoral scholars & scientists with interests to support growing innovators leading startups and Business developers or self-sustain individuals.

We have highly qualified scientists/ academicians/ Professors having more than 25 Years of Expertise in all above technology to mentor and ready to provide the following:

  1. Infrastructural and financial support to convert your dreaming ideas into prototypes/ products leading to business development.
  2. Support to develop Business PITCH DECK. Support to take up innovative research topics into patentable products.
  3. Currently we are selectively organically cultivating vegetables and fruits on request based free from all pesticides/ chemicals and non-conventionally growing methodologies.
  4. We have central facility for Food processing technology and Food analysis as per ISI standards (under construction).
  5. Available enough land for expansions of new businesses.

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