Konaseema BioSol Pvt Ltd

Focused Areas

Company promoters and other Directors being with them having vast experience in manufacture of Biotech products (Esp. Biofertilizers, biopesticides, nutraceuticals etc), Agriculture (organic based agro-products), pharmacogenetics, immunotechnology, Molecular modelling & Drug design, TISSUE CULTURE (Animal & plant including microalgae), Animal cell lines maintenance, hands on experience on murine animals (especially, Balb/C, C57BL/6J, SWR/J etc) handling, different basic and advanced biochemical techniques for large scale production of bioactive compounds for preparative and analytical purposes. One of the directors has having ability to create greater awareness among rural farmer’s community and encouraging rural skill community about the importance of all above products.

Main domains Executing at our Industry are:​

1. Agriculture

Coconut, Rice, Tomato, Tamarind, Vegetables

2. Biotechnology

Process development, Fermentation Technology, Dairy products

3. Biochemistry

Food Analysis, Nutritional quality of different foods.

4. Microbiology

Microbial load of foods and water


Molecular Modelling and Drug design

6. Food Processing

Coconut, Rice, Tomato, Tamarind, Vegetables

7. Water Purification

Supply of mineralized water to public.

8. Dairy Technology and Products

Processing and Supply of different dairy products.


M/s Konaseema Biosol Pvt Ltd,

D.No:1-40, C/o K U B Krishna Rao,

Vinayaka Temple Street,

PALAGUMMI, RAZOLE Mandalam-533249,


+91 9849719960