We will cultivate all our required cultivars such as vegetables/ Fruits/ Millets/ Spices etc., either directly or indirectly (encouraging people to cultivate) using sustainable & eco-friendly Compost manure, Green manure, Crop rotations, mulching with Crop residues, Animal manures, off-farm organic waste like traditional old practices with best agricultural processes by conserving soil & water as per the guidelines and support of concerned scientific expertise.

1.      Konaseema Biosol Pvt Ltd is first of its kind to produce all required raw materials/ resources i.e., Vegetables/ Fruits/ Millets/ Spices/ Fish/ Prawn and other requirements by Organically cultivated farms.

2.      Most of the Vegetable products are also cultivating by Hydroponics processes organic soil materials. 

3.      We are also supplying Ready To EatFoods(RTEF) with resources available at our local regions as per the bulk orders/Scientific laboratory facility. However, we will give highest priority to the customers and their trust on our company.

4.      We will give highest importance to the principles of organic forming such as HEALTH(Soil, plant, animal, Human & Planet), ECOLOGY(Ecological systems & Cycles, work with them emulate them and help sustain them especially local conditions, ecology, culture and scale), FAIRNESS (Equity, respect, justice and stewardship of the shared world both among people & living beingsand also among farmers, workers, processors, distributors, traders and consumers)&CARE(Precaution & Responsibility in management, development and technology choices) in organic farming.

M/s Konaseema Biosol Pvt Ltd,

D.No:1-40, C/o K U B Krishna Rao,

Vinayaka Temple Street,

PALAGUMMI, RAZOLE Mandalam-533249,

+91 9849719960