Our creative federal team operating by the key members for creativity and innovation on our entire company operations, product development & delivery. This team will finalize every product of our company whether it has to deliver out or not. Team consist of Two directors, CEO, Designers, three people having equal mindsets with creative thinking, Product developer, Marketing and Managing Director with administrative policies.

This TEAM will work in a highly organized manner without violating any bylaws of the company:

1.      This team exercises primarily on broad ideas into worthy Ideas.

2.      They are convergent thinkers taking sustainable goaland targets such as Customers, R&D, previous campaigns, Intended Outcome, contemporary needs of the society and inspirations.

3.      Collective Problem-solving capacity through productive workspaces which facilitates Storyboarding, mood boards and Idea sharing.

4.      They establish Style guide by creating practices around typefaces, logos, colours, treatment of photography, titles etc.

5.      Directors always educate the whole team on the creative’s roles and processes for the development of the company.

6.      Trust on the Team – by respecting their ideas, solutions for the societal problems.

7.      Always analyse the feedback to beast achieve their goals.



S. No.

Name of the Member


Expertise/ Profession


Mrs. B. S. G. Bhavani

B.Sc Mathematics

Director,Entrepreneur;Businessman & Farmer


Dr. B. Venkata Raman

M.Sc., Ph.D., PGDBI (Bioinformatics)

Director-2, Startup; Biochemistry/ Biotechnology/ Microbiology/ Molecular Modelling & Drug Design


Mr. B. Tarun Teja

Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Managing Director, Entrepreneur and Plant Engineer


Dr. S. V. Kumar

M.Sc., Ph.D

CEO, Subham Function Hall, Mandavalle; Biotechnologist & Aquaculture specialist, Entrepreneur & Startup.


Dr. P. Payodhar

M.Tech., Ph.D (IITK)

Mechanical Engineer and Visiting Scientist.


Dr. K V R B Prasad

B. Tech, M.Tech., Ph.D (BITS Philani)

Electrical Engineer, Visiting Scientist.


Dr. A. Prasada Rao

M.Sc., Ph. D

Entrepreneur; Molecular Biologist, Plant Biochemist and Pathologist.


Mr. S. Ganesh

M.Sc., M.Phil

Biotechnology, Expert in Quality control and Production

M/s Konaseema Biosol Pvt Ltd,

D.No:1-40, C/o K U B Krishna Rao,

Vinayaka Temple Street,

PALAGUMMI, RAZOLE Mandalam-533249,

+91 9849719960